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Songs from the Little Bird

Laer e Filigod

Studied classics ~ a little Latin and less Greek ~ for many years. Finally cracked the shell of the Ivory Tower and let myself out on a Joseph Campbell ladder with Jung for rungs. Currently engaged in the profitless but poetic study of mythology and depth psychology. Werewolves, Babylon 5, MYST, Middle-earth — I bury myself deeply in online fandoms, writing, RP. Currently moonlighting as Elrond of Rivendell.

Liberal bisexual bard with a meddlesome coyote streak.

Estel dartha, ir amdír pêl.
("Hope [born of trust, irrational inner faith] endures, when hope [rational expectations based on current circumstances] fails.")

AUTHOR CREDIT and THANKS: My Last Unicorn Mood Theme is made by girlfromsouth.